Are my payment details going to be secure?

We take payment security extremely seriously at Stockopedia.  We have done an extensive audit of all the payment options available to us and have chosen to partner with Recurly (for credit card payments) and Paypal to handle and outsource all our payments processing.  As a result we are following all of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards. The way the system works is as follows.

Our payment page is on a verified secured socket layer (SSL) which is  signed and certificated by GeoTrust.  This secured connection should also be verified by your choice of browser with a green Stockopedia Ltd padlock sign in the URL bar.  On this page you can choose to pay using Credit Card or Paypal.

Customer credit card details that are submitted on the payments page are sent directly via this secured connection to our billing and payments handler Recurly Inc. Recurly provide enterprise class billing services for a huge number of subscription service businesses and provide the highest level of data and payment protection

We do not store, log or handle any credit card details on our own Stockopedia servers - they are stored and managed entirely with Recurly Inc.  You can access your hosted account and billing pages here on their secured servers directly for billing maintenance.

On each subscription date a charge is made and the funds are transferred to our payment gateway which is handled by Paypal.  Our Paypal account is verified and trusted at this link.  Please see here for more details.

In the Payment form you can also choose to pay with your Paypal account.  If you choose this option it can provide an added level of security as your card details are stored and managed within your own Paypal account.  You can sign up just with your Paypal email and login directly on their servers.

We hope this makes our billing process clear.  We have taken security extremely seriously and have chosen some highest class partners (at some extra cost!) to ensure the utmost protection for customers.

NB - We have no plans to enable direct debit, Google or Amazon based payments now or in the future.  We also can't accept direct bank transfers or cheques.

Please do let us know via the Green Help & Feedback button if you have any other questions.

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