Contact Support

We aim to be extremely responsive to user support tickets by email and in-app, usually replying within the hour and often much faster than that. This service is available during UK market hours in the day and on an ad-hoc basis in the evenings and at weekends. Outside UK daytime hours support times may take hours rather than minutes.

Please note, we have no dedicated support staff - the people that build & research the data & applications on site answer the support queries. While we endeavour to answer all queries quickly, sometimes we’re too busy building the product - so please be patient !

How to raise a support ticket

You can raise a support ticket by clicking on the Green Support Messenger at the bottom right of any page. We’ll reply right back to you in the application and you’ll receive a popup conversation if you are online. If you are offline you will receive an email. You can pick the conversation up at any time both via email or in app.

It's worth reading through the Product Guide and watching our range of introductory videos. We also have an extensive set of FAQs designed to help you through most common issues, ranging from not being able to log-in or password resets to more complex data-related queries.

Submitting Feature Suggestions

If you do have any feature suggestions please add them to our social suggestion board. You can find it and vote on feature suggestions here.

Phone Support

This is a fairly sophisticated Web-based product and our team is spread across different locations in several continents, so it's just not cost-effective for us to provide a dedicated telephone support team. We'd much rather keep the prices we charge you for the service low, rather than inflate our prices by offering a phone support line that 98% of users won't need.

While we don’t offer dedicated phone support, if you do want to include your phone number in a ticket, we will aim to give you a call back, if the issue can not be resolved easily by email.

Book a demo

Do feel free to contact us via the Green Support Messenger if you'd like to see a live product demo. The best way to get a demo is to either join one of our webinars or come to a live seminar or conference. Please check the next sections for more info. We also have a number of introductory demo videos available on Youtube, which may be helpful.