Can I advertise my services in my content?

Direct spamming or blatant self-promotion in your Content is however not acceptable since it blurs the line for our Users between content and advertising. This will lead to a warning, followed by a possible site ban.

We are happy for Stockopedia Contributors to advertise themselves and their interests indirectly (whether it be a business, a blog, an event or a book). To accommodate this, we have set up our profile pages to provide Contributors with space to advertise what matters most to them. However, please do not include advertising within content.

Simply click on your name in the top menu once you are logged in, navigate to the Promote tab on your Profile and get started. Your profile picture is then be visible next to your Articles and all other content published on the site, with your profile details immediately accessible. We also provide a ‘signature’ option for users with which to sign their comments.

However, please be aware that Stockopedia is a financial news and information website designed to help keep investors informed. It is not a place to promote financial products. As stated in more detail in the Terms of Use, you must ensure that your Content and any advertising in your Profile does not constitute investment advice, a financial promotion, an advertisement for any particular investment, or any other financial activity pursuant to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

For info on Banner or Email Advertising on Stockopedia, please see About Us > Advertising.