Stockopedia community members are welcome to add replies and comments beneath articles and posts. All the tools that are needed to add comments and manage they way they appear can be found underneath each article or thread.

How to post a comment

There are two options for adding a comment to an article:

  • To comment on the article directly, simply type into the comment box at the bottom of the page.
  • To reply to an existing comment on the article, click the Reply button in the specific comment and a response box will appear.

When you comment on an article directly, the author will receive an email notification. When you Reply to an existing comment, the user will receive an email notification.

Remember, if you refer to a company in your comment you can automatically link it to its StockReport by using cashtags (a ‘£’ sign followed by the stock ticker). For instance, in the case of Asos plc, you would type £ASC.

If you are feeling particularly bullish or bearish on the subject of the article or thread, you can make your feelings known with the bull/bear indicator.

Advanced editing options

In addition to straightforward commenting, it is also possible to include graphics, links and change text formatting. To do this, click the Show Text Editor link at the top of the Comment box. This will launch an advanced editing bar at the top of the Comment box.

Reading comments

If you like or dislike a comment on an article or thread, you can make your feelings known by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icons that can be found at the top of each comment.

To share a comment, you can click the Link or Share buttons at the bottom of the comment. Clicking Link will launch a pop-up with a link to the comment that you can highlight and copy. The Share button will launch the Share pop-up, which offer the option to distribute the comment on social media channels.

In the rare instance that a comment is likely to upset or offend, it can be reported to Stockopedia administrators by clicking the Report button. In addition, the author or thread creator assumes ‘ownership’ of the commentary discussion and can moderate comments by clicking the Moderate button.

Comment View Options

By default, Comments appear in full at the bottom of each article in chronological order, with the latest comments last. Where there have been multiple comments, pagination is used to make it easy to navigate what can be tens - or even hundreds - of comments. You can see whereabouts in the comment stream you are by referring to the numbering at the top of each comment.

You can change the way Comments appear by clicking the View Options button at the top of the Comments stream. This will launch a pop-up box where you can opt to:

  • View comments as a list or fully expanded.
  • View the most recent comments at the top or bottom of the stream.
  • Customise the number of comments on each page.

Click Save and then close the box. In addition, clicking show/hide all at the top of the Comments stream will switch the view between a list and fully expanded.