Private Messages

As a member of the Stockopedia community you can communicate directly with other members using the Private Messaging system. Messages are sent and received via your mailbox, which you can find by hovering over the You menu item in the Stockopedia navigation bar and clicking Messages.

Your Mailbox

Like many standard email services, your mailbox comprises of a couple of tabs including your Inbox and your Sent Messages. The messages received or sent are shown in a vertical list with a summary of the sender, subject and body of the message.

By clicking the blue subject line you then go through to the message view where you can read the message in detail. On reading, each message is marked as ‘read’. There are several links at the bottom of the message which allow you to mark the message as unread, delete or reply directly to the message.

Sending a Message

Other than replying to a received message, there are a couple of ways to send a message to another member of the Stockopedia community. You can send directly from your mailbox by clicking the blue Send Message button at the top right-hand side of your Mailbox, or you can click a similar button on any other member’s Profile page.

Clicking “Send Message” will open a new Message form. It is important to remember that messages are sent to a member’s username rather than real name. Click in the To box begin by typing the username and you’ll be shown a drop-down list of usernames to choose from.

You will need to create a subject line and some body text for your message. Once created click Send it. Once the Message has been sent, you’ll see a success notification.

Whenever you receive a new Private Message you’ll see a circular orange alert notification in the corner of the You menu in the Stockopedia navigation bar.

Managing your Mailbox

Messages in your Inbox, Sent Messages and System Messages can be deleted individually by clicking the red cross next to each message.

Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Mailbox to carry out bulk actions. This will allow you to select All, Unread or Read messages and either change their status or delete them entirely.