Your Profile

As a member of Stockopedia, you automatically have a profile on the site. Your username will be seen by others whenever you post, comment or contribute. But there’s more to Stockopedia profiles than that. With a little bit of customisation, you can add a photo and tell the Stockopedia community about the sort of investor you are.

Finding your Profile Page

You can find your Profile page by hovering over You in the main navigation bar and clicking View my Profile Page.

On your Profile page, you can add as much or as little information about yourself as you like. All these details can be edited by hovering over the Edit my Profile tab and selecting which parts of you profile you could like to change, including your photo, biography and strategy.

Elsewhere on your Profile page are tabs that allow you to view and change your Email & Account Settings and Billing & Subscription details. These tabs are explored in depth in the Your Account section of the Guide

Further down the page, you’ll see lists of the most recent articles you’ve posted and comments that you have made on other posts.