How can I screen for strong buys?

Here is a custom screen to get you going... if you click 'duplicate' at the top right of the table you'll copy this screen into your own version - where you can then view & edit the criteria.

To explain the fields:

  • Broker Consensus ranks from 1 (strong buy) to 5 (strong sell)
  • # Brokers is the number of brokers covering the company
  • % Price Target shows the current discount from the broker price target

We would note though that most of these companies scoring 1 on the broker consensus (for strong buy) only have 1 broker covering them. It might make sense to filter further based on #brokers or other criteria.

It's also worth noting that brokers are generally over-optimistic and can be biased. There's plenty of evidence that sells outperform buys!

What has been proven to work better is the change in broker recommendation rather than the absolute value - these are often known as broker upgrades/downgrades.