How can I use Stockopedia to find deep bargain stocks?

Do you have readily available lists of companies that have issued profits warnings? Ideally I would like to find 20 or so of the biggest crisis shares of the last few years on the basis the survivors should be into turnaround mode by now...

This is exactly the kind of thing that Stockopedia is designed to help with, i.e. to identify apparent pricing discrepancies. We understand that, for newcomers to the site, finding your way around can be a little daunting so here are a few tips on how to use it.

Here's a stock screen of the biggest FTSE 350 fallers in the last year. We've added the F-Score and P/E ratio to the table view.If you click the 'Duplicate' button at the top right of that page, you can then edit the rules and tweak.

We are also publishing the % 5 year price change as a screenable item in our Glossary - you could for example invert that criterion in a screen to find the biggest 5 year fallers. Profits warnings are harder to spot unless you are reading the RNS every day. One option is to use a combination of sharp price declines and sharply reduced broker estimates in the last month to try and highlight them in a stock screen. We've set that up here - again you can duplicate it and customise it your own way.

More generally, you'll find a lot of "bargain" stocks in this section which is full of lists of companies that are trading well below asset value, or well below their liquidation value. As ever, DYOR. One has to be exceptionally careful buying deep bargain shares as as they are likely to be extremely volatile, and often of a very small market capitalisation - but a well crafted basket of bargains can do very well as most investors over-react and sell troubled stocks in aggregate too cheaply.

Also, it's worth having a duplicate/play around with the Piotroski screens. Piotroski designed his F-Score initially to highlight bargain shares with the highest probability of turning around. It's very effective - just watch out you aren't lured into stocks with wide spreads.

If you want to read up on bargain investing, try this link, as well as our value investing e-book - which is a great summary of the area.