How does the Stockopedia screener compare to others?

Some screening products provide excellent tweakability for investors but do require a lot of data mining to get good screening results. Our approach is rather different.

Firstly, we have modelled about 60+ screening strategies - ranging from value to growth to income - based on the best literature (books and academic papers) that we can find. You can see the Guru Screen lists here which we performance track over time. Some of these screens are pretty simple growth/value screens while others are quite hardcore quantitative screens.

The idea is to make screening work out of the box for a new user who doesn't like to tweak settings but without over-simplifying things. You can read a guide to the stock screening pages here.

Secondly for more advanced users, there's also the facility to custom screen the market based on your own criteria. We have the most comprehensive set of fundamental ratios for the UK market which go far further than the simple P/E ratios you find in most packages. From our famous QVM StockRanks to the metrics of famous finance professors like Beneish, Piotroski, Altman and more it’s a gold mine for investors. You can see a list of all the ratios here.

Finally, for power users, it’s worth noting the power we have under the hood - we provide all kinds of advanced screening metrics… across rankings, averages, aggregates and more. No other screener provides such power over aggregate data.