Why doesn’t my screen have any results?

It may be that your criteria are just too restrictive and there are no qualifiers. You should first try loosening the rules to see what happens. We provide a green circle toggle on each screen rule which you can click to ‘pause’ each rule. Often there’s an overly strict rule which is causing most stocks to fail qualification.

Feel free to contact us if you continue to have problems and we'll look into it.

Note on Ranking Rules

This sometimes happens with ranking rules in particular. If you do multiple ranks versus the Industry as opposed to the whole Market, there might be simply be no stocks that qualify.

One way around this is to use the 'Sector' as this is a bigger pool than 'Industry' - there are 10 Sectors but 52 Industry Groups... so sometimes there are only very few candidates in a screening criteria that focuses on the latter.

It's also worth clarifying one point on the rank direction. 100 is 'best' for everything. e.g. Highest Yield, Fastest Growth or Cheapest Valuation, whereas 0 is 'worst'. So if you want the cheapest decile of stocks, use e.g. Rank(PE) > 90.