Customising Tables

As we discussed in the Data Views guide, whenever you are viewing a set of stocks as a table, the View Bar provides eight different table views. While these are preset with very sensible defaults, it may be that you’re unable to see the data that you want. To solve this, we made them editable so you can customise them as you wish.

If you click any table tab you’ll see a blue Pencil icon next to the name of the table.

If you click this icon, you’ll be able to customise the columns displayed in that table from a modal Table Editor popup box that looks something like this:

The table editor is split in half:

  • On the left-hand side is a clickable list of all the data available to add as columns, categorised into folders. Clicking an individual folder will open up a list of the available data points. By clicking the ‘add’ button on any row the field will be added to the list on the right hand side.
  • On the right-hand side of the pop-up are displayed vertically all the metrics being used as columns in the current table view.

Managing your columns

Adding new data points to your table view is simple. Just click a category and scroll down through the list. Each data point has and Add button next to it. Clicking ‘Add’ will add that data point to your current table as a column. It will then be shown in the right hand side of the Table Editor.

In the Miscellaneous folder you will find a —Separator— column that can be useful for adding a visual separation between sets of related columns.

You can reorder the columns in your table by opening the Table Editor and dragging the relevant metric up or down in the list on the right hand side of the popup.

To remove any of the columns from your table view simply click the red cross on that data point on the right hand side of the popup.

NB: If you remove anything by accident you can always click the grey coloured Reset to Default button at the bottom of the pop-up. This will return everything to how you found it. So play around !

When you are done, click Save Changes. This will close the Table Editor and show you your new table view.

Customising the Folio Holdings view

One of the main tabs in tables and portfolios is Holdings. In tables, it will show current price and volume information. In portfolios, you’ll also see details about your positions, holdings and performance.

In a portfolio, the Table Editor allows you to add more details to the Holdings view. Just click the Portfolio Holdings category on the left-side of the Table Editor pop-up. There you will be able to add data points like Cost per share, Realised gain and Total gain, among others.

Renaming your table view

You can rename the table by re-opening the Table Editor and clicking the cog icon at the top right of the Table Editor. You can change the name by using the field provided.


Once you’ve created a table on Stockopedia - whether it’s using a Screen or a Folio - you have the option to download the data, copy it, or print it out. You can download the data displayed in any table using the download tools at the bottom of the page.
To do this, scroll to the bottom of the table, where you’ll see a Download button. Clicking that will launch a menu offering various options:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Copy
  • Print

Download to CSV is the most popular. If you opt to download the data, you’ll be asked to give the file a name and location (such as your desktop). Click Save to complete the download.

If you have any issues it is likely that your operating system isn’t configured to open CSV files into your spreadsheet program - if this is the case, open your spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets) and import it manually.