Is my portfolio secure?

We are a Web-based service but your portfolio data is secure and visible only to you when logged in. We take data privacy very seriously - we are a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office - and we do our utmost to ensure that personal information is kept confidential.

Our security system is based on user authentication coupled with an encrypted cookie. Each registered user must provide a unique username and a password. There are no duplicate usernames permitted, and the password is encrypted before being stored in the database. Therefore, it is not possible to learn the user's actual username or password from the encrypted cookie. This level of encryption is such that even Stockopedia administrators cannot view the password.

As a user, you have the option to choose "Remember Me" when you log-in. If you do this, the encrypted cookie is stored permanently in your Web browser. This means that user authentication happens automatically each time you visit the site. If you do not save the Password, you must enter the Username and Password every time you visit the site. This may be preferable as a method of authentication if you are concerned about someone using the same browser on the same computer seeing your portfolio information.