Folio Analysis Report

For a long time you've only been able to view portfolio allocation and analytics on portfolios that have position sizes / transaction data logged.  This has been a real pain.

So we decided to  liberate  these analytics so you can see them on any of your lists without entering transaction data.

We treat these watchlists as equal weighted portfolios for analysis purposes, and generate a 1 year performance chart from their price histories.  Just click the Analysis or Allocation tab on any watchlist / Folio and you'll see what I mean.

Performance Charts

To help you track your overall portfolio valuation visually, the Analysis Tab provides an aggregated Valuation and Cash vs. Equity view across all the open positions in your portfolio.

The total valuation sums the last price of every symbol multiplied by the number of shares held in the position including the current value of Cash. The total is then reported in the selected portfolio currency at current exchange rates

To help you keep track of how well your portfolio has performed over time, this tab also contains several historical Valuation charts illustrating the trend in aggregate portfolio valuation, equity valuation, and profits since portfolio inception. Use the timescale options or the chart slider to control the period over which you examine performance. These charts do not include the compound effect of reinvested dividends (i.e. they are based on capital return, not total return).

The tab also gives you an overview of your Key Forecast Ratios and Aggregate Financial Health by tracking all our most popular financial analysis apps at the portfolio level (F-scores, Z-scores etc). Ever wanted to know what your overall portfolio EPS growth rate is vs the market, or even what the overall financial risk is? You may think you've been buying value stocks, but how does your portfolio PE Ratio rank against the stock market as a whole?