Importing your Folio

You can import your portfolio from various services including Sharescope, CSV/Excel and Google finance. You can see the options here.

Step by Step Instructions for Excel Import

Here are some step by step instructions for an Excel import.

  • Download the template CSV spreadsheet from this link - download

  • Please either populate the downloaded spreadsheet with your transactions or rename your spreadsheet columns with the following column titles: TICKER, DATE, TIME, TYPE, SHARES, FX, PRICE, CURRENCY, COMMISSION, TAX, TOTAL

    • TICKER - these will default to local EPIC tickers. Otherwise use the google style - EXCHANGE:TICKER
    • DATE (optional) formatted as DD/MM/YYYY, TIME as HH:MM:SS. - both optional and will default as today.
    • TYPE case insensitive, buy, sell, dividend, deposit, withdrawal.
    • SHARES - number of shares.
    • FX - (optional) the fx rate from the security currency to the portfolio currency. Defaults is 1.
    • PRICE - the share price or dividend price in the same units as the CURRENCY field.
    • CURRENCY (optional) a 3 digit currency code for the transaction. e.g. GBP for British pound. GBX for pence. Defaults to the security's quote currency.
    • COMMISSION - (optional) in the portfolio currency units.
    • TAX - (optional) Sum of stamp duty & levies in the portfolio currency units.
    • TOTAL - (optional) in the portfolio currency units. If not given we will calculate.
  • Save your spreadsheet as the file format "Comma Separated Values (CSV)" to your desktop.

  • Upload the file using the form here

  • Hey presto - you should be redirected to your newly imported portfolio page!

  • Please make sure you click the 'transactions' tab on the portfolio page in order to double check or manually edit any positions.