Getting Started

There’s a wealth of data, information and strategies available on the Stockopedia website. Warren Buffett once said that ”investing is simple but it’s not easy”. By using smart data and great design delivered through a modern web interface we hope that everyone can find investing intelligently that tiny bit easier.

The Product section of the Stockopedia Guide provides an in depth walk-through of all the key features in our online application. In this section you’ll find videos, screen grabs and in-depth write ups about how to use different areas of the site. You can jump from and to any help section using the sidebar menu on the left and learn about many of our most popular features, including the StockRanks, StockReports, GuruScreens and Folios.

Finding your way around

To help you find your way around, we’ve put together this quick video introduction to the site that only takes a couple of minutes to watch.

When you are ready to deeper dive have a look at one of Ed’s hour long site orientation webinars.

You’ll find lots of shorter videos throughout the Stockopedia Guide in different chapters and if you can’t wait you can find them on our Youtube Channel.

Core Features

The philosophy of the Stockopedia website is encapsulated by the StockRanks - a set of rankings that score every company between zero and 100 for their Quality, Value and Momentum. You’ll find the StockRank features embedded in every StockReport and in the StockRanks Portal.

At the heart of Stockopedia is this database of tens of thousands of company StockReports (see this example of Apple) built from millions of financial ratios that we calculate daily. You can search and find StockReports straight from the main site search box. You’ll find the StockRanks at the top right of each page.

You can use the StockScreener filter the StockReport database to hunt for great shares  or select from one of our 65 pre-rolled Guru Screens which simulate the selection criteria of famous investors.

You can also browse our database from A-Z in the Share Directory or by Sector here. We also have a wealth of other premium tools (both top-down for the market like our Chart Signals, StockRanks Portal, or bottom-up for individual stocks using the the Checklists and the Charting Tool).

Other Resources

  • If you love financial data we suggest reviewing the Ratio Glossary to understand some of the key ratios we publish in more detail.
  • We regularly publish Ebooks and Guides which are all available online for free. Our Value investing book was featured by the FT and gives a great synopsis and introduction to the subject.

Contact Support

We're here to help. We welcome any suggestions from users as to what would be helpful. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to raise a support ticket via the Green Support Messenger on the bottom right corner of the site and one of our team will assist you promptly either in app or via email.