Are these lists of stocks selected by the original strategist?

The lists are not determined or endorsed in any way by the original strategist. Indeed, in some cases, the gurus are US investors who have passed away or who may not even invest in UK stocks.

Please note that the screening criteria used represents Stockopedia's interpretation of the guru/author's investment approach based on their published work(s).

What we are focused on is the underlying strategy behind a given Guru's investment thinking, to the extent that this can be expressed in quantitative terms. You can see the rules/algorithms we're using by referring to the Rules tab of each screen. We also provide detailed writeups of the Rules chosen under the Learn tab.

You can then "duplicate" our Rules to suit your own interpretation of a given strategist's approach.

We do not "choose" the companies on these lists. We run the screens each morning strictly based on the Rules selected coupled with our ratio computations (which, in turn, are reliant on the latest updates from Thomson Reuters and the market movement from the previous day).

These screens are intended as an educational tool to test the performance of different investment approaches in the UK market, be they growth, value or something else entirely.