The Directory is a comprehensive library of Shares, Sectors, Indices and other securities that are covered by Stockopedia. You can access it by hovering over the Home button in the Stockopedia navigation bar and clicking Browse Directory.

The Share Directory

By default, the main Directory page is the Share Directory. This is an alphabetical list of shares that are available depending on your Stockopedia subscription plan.

From this page you can easily navigate to Sectors, Indices or other securities by clicking those options at the top of the page.

Each Directory page includes 50 individual shares. The Directory is paginated, allowing you to click a page number at the top or bottom of the table to navigate through it.

Selecting regions

Subscribers to UK plans will see UK shares, while subscribers to international plans will see securities from multiple regions, again in alphabetical order. At the top of the Directory table is a drop-down menu that allows you to select or add different regions depending on your subscription plan.

For data plans covering North America, the Directory menu offers the option of showing results for either Canada or the United States - or All North America.

For plans covering Europe the Directory offers the option of selecting one of the 33 counties included in the European coverage - or All Europe.

Likewise, for plans covering Developed Asia and Australasia, the Directory offer the option of selecting individual countries or entire regions.

Exploring the table layout

Apart from a simple alphabetical list of shares, the Share Directory also offers a snapshot of information about each company.

This information includes each share’s ticker, current price and market capitalisation, together with the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E), dividend yield, earnings per share (EPS) and dividend per share (DPS).

You’ll also be able to see the ranking position of each share according to its Quality, Momentum, Value and Growth, and overall StockRank.

The Sectors Directory

Towards the top of the Directory page is the Sectors button. Clicking this will take take you to the Sectors Directory.

We compute aggregate data on all ten economic sectors across global, regional and country levels, as well as 54 industry groups. There are toggle buttons at the top of the table to allow easy switching between sectors and groups. Clicking on a sector or industry group will take you to a list of constituent companies.

The Sector Directory is useful because it shows median measurements across a range of data points for each sector or group. These include StockRanks, the Price-to-earnings ratio (P/E), Price-to-book ratio (P/B), Yield, Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and Relative Strength over 3 and 6 months.

You can learn more about the Stockopedia sector classification schema in the Sector technical guide.

The Indices Directory

In addition to Shares and Sectors, the Directory also contains details about a range of international share Indices. You can access this by clicking the Indices button towards the top of the Directory page.

The Indices page offers a list of major UK and international indices. These include major indices such as the FTSE 100, FTSE Eurofirst 300, S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100. The list also contains all the main UK indices including the FTSE 250, FTSE SmallCap, FTSE AIM and FTSE TechMark, among others.

The Indices Directory table shows key statistical data about each index. This includes the latest price information about each index, including the Last Price, Price Change and Percentage Price Change on the day.

The Indices Directory also offers the option to switch between median and mean average values using the selector at the top of the table.

Investors can assess whether a market is cheap, or expensive, by analysing the median, or mean value ratios (such as the P/E ratio) of companies in a given index. It is arguably more appropriate to use median, rather than average ratios when assessing how expensive a market is. This is because averages can become significantly skewed by outlier data (for example a company on a P/B ratio of 10,000 can skew the UK mean P/B ratio upwards by 5 points).

Other Directories

Apart from Shares, Sectors and Indices, the Stockopedia Directory also includes listings for:

  • Preferred Shares
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Investment Trusts
  • Bonds

These Directories can be accessed by clicking the relevant buttons towards the top of the Directories page.

In each case the Directory provides an option to click the security to view its StockReport, together with price data and financial ratios where applicable.