Wherever you are on Stockopedia, the main Navigation Menu is always at hand. From here you can go on to explore the entire site with just a few clicks. Here is a quick overview of where the different tabs and buttons will take you.

The Stockopedia logo will take you to the homepage.

The Flag icon indicates which geographical edition of Stockopedia you are using. Hovering over the flag will produce a dropdown menu where subscribers to multiple regions can select different editions. You can learn more about this here. You can upgrade your plan here, too.

The Search Box is the fastest way to begin exploring stocks, screens, blogs and educational resources. Learn more in the next article on search.

Clicking the Home button will take you back to the Stockopedia homepage. Hovering over it will produce a dropdown menu where you can access the Risers & Fallers page, the securities Directory and links to navigate the Sectors and Indices pages. Direct links to regular editorial columns are also found here.

The Ranks button opens the StockRanks Portal and offers a menu of options to go direct to StockRank Movers pages and Performance charts.

The Screens button will take you to the home of more than 60 guru-inspired investment strategies. Hovering over the button offers the option of creating a new stock screen, accessing your existing stock screens, viewing screen movers and analysing the performance of the guru strategies.

Clicking or hovering over the Tools button will open a menu of share analysis tools. These range from checklists and comparisons to valuation calculators and charting and technical analysis tools.

The Discuss button is your gateway to the Stockopedia Community. It’s home to the main Discussion stream and is a quick way of starting and getting involved in conversations with other Stockopedia users.

Help is where you can find Stockopedia’s extensive library of education resources, product guides, videos, webinars and glossary.

Your Stockopedia

The final two buttons on the Navigation menu are all about you. Folios is where you can create, track and manage all of your portfolios and set Stock Alerts. Clicking or hovering over You opens a menu to manage your profile and site settings, check your account details and manage your messages.