Why are some companies unranked and not screenable?

In the share directory, some companies are listed but do not receive StockRanks and are not screenable.

In order to be screenable and/or to receive a Stock Rank, a security must qualify for the following criteria. It must have:

  • A timely & recent Price Quote History.
  • Timely Fundamentals (annuals & interim results not more than a year old)
  • A current listing on a Stock Exchange. Suspended stocks are excluded until they re-trade.

This is done to reduce 'noise' and ensure high standards of data quality in ranking/screening results. We maintain records of companies that still fail these rules so that investors can research them. They may still be tradeable in some capacity. But they do not receive StockRanks.

If you feel that a company that does not have a StockRank should have one (e.g. because timely fundamentals are in fact available), please contact the support team via the Green Support Messenger.

We do not rank Collective Investments like closed end funds or ETFs with the StockRank.