Why is the StockRank of a stock higher/lower than the other ranks?

An example is for Connect Group - a UK listed stock with a StockRank of 97/100... we were asked how this could be when the QualityRank, ValueRank and MomentumRank were all lower at 71, 95 and 76 respectively.

The important thing to understand is that the main StockRank is not an average of the three. It is a percentile rank using thesum of the three components, compared to the rest of the market. It is a resequenced ranking, not an averaged ranking.

If you look at the following stock screen of StockRank between 97 and 98 you can see what we mean. The StockRank of Connect is in sequence. The sum of the three scores puts it in the top 3% of the UK market across the 3 dimensions... (i.e. in the top 60 odd shares)... even though the three constituent QVM ranks are lower.