StockRank Movers

Many subscribers wish to be the first to know when new stocks are soaring or slumping through the StockRanks. StockRanks tend to move most whenever there are big changes in fundamentals, sentiment or price - for example on new annual or interim results or on big news. The StockRank Movers page provides the perfect bookmark to stay ahead of the curve in spotting new opportunities.

The page contains two main components - a set of filters and a list of stocks.

The Filters

There are 5 main filters available including:

  1. StockRank filter - to select either the Composite StockRank (QVM or QVGM), Crossovers (QM, VM or QV) or Basic Ranks (Value, Quality, Momentum).
  2. Risers / Fallers filter - to find stocks either rising or falling.
  3. StockRank cutoff filter - to find stocks moving through a certain StockRank level e.g. 90.
  4. Lookback period filter - _ to look back at changes either over the last week or the last month._
  5. Size of change - to find ranks moving by more than a specific amount e.g. more than 10 rank changes

By editing the filters and clicking submit you can find the StockRank movers that meet your criteria.

The Stock List

There’s a very self-explanatory list of qualifying shares beneath the filters.

Aside from the ticker, name, size, StockRank and sector columns there’s one special column - titled either the 7 Day Change or the 30 Day Change depending on the Look-back period selected. This column shows the exact change in the chosen StockRank (depending on the StockRank being filtered) over that time period. It can be extremely useful spotting the biggest movers over the last week as many other investors may be slow to react to recent fundamental or sentiment changes. Many find this a great way to stay ahead of the curve.