How do you calculate the CAGRs?

We provide compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) in the Financial Summary of the stock report (see screenshot below). These CAGRs are based on the amount of available financial history for a given company - at most, six years but in some cases, less for recent IPOs.

For these CAGRS, we calculate them based on the annual results, i.e. not including the Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) column. This is because there could be some seasonality effect in the TTM value (assuming of course that the company has a sensible year end date). So it will be a 5 year CAGR or 2 year CAGR, rather than say a 2.5 year CAGR.

In some cases, such as the margins, the figure displayed in the Financial Summary will be an average value (such as a X year average Operating Margin), rather than a CAGR as this is frankly less useful.