Why do you have multiple EPS and DPS growth numbers?

There are lots of different ways of defining growth - are you comparing next year to this year? Or this year to last year? Or next quarter to this quarter? Or this TTM (Trailing Twelve Month) period to the last one?.

Rather than mislead by arbitrarily choosing one number, we calculate and present them all. The top right figure in the Growth & Value section of the Stock Report is one we generally regard as most interesting and useful, and that's defined here as being the percentage change in EPS between successive periods. It is a rolling 1 year forecast earnings number based on the consensus of analyst's estimates. It weights this current year and next year's earnings forecasts depending on how far a company is through in its fiscal year.

However, it's horses for courses really. It's best to dig into the numbers to figure out the particular story for a given company and decide which one is most suitable to your use-case.