Why is the Altman Z-Score different on the StockReport vs a Table?

The reason you may be seeing an inconsistency for the Altman Z-Score between the stock report and certain screens is because the Z-Score on the Stock Report is more precise, in that it may be the "Z1" or "Z2" score depending on the industry, whereas the Z-Score on screens will not be industry dependent.

You can read up on the difference between the two in this rather more technical article we wrote on it but, in brief, the Z1 score is more appropriate for manufacturers whereas the Z2 score is better for non manufacturers.

We switch the Z-Score meter (and the distress range) on the Stock Report to use the most appropriate version based on the company's sector. At this stage we can't do such dynamic switching in Screens so we generally use the Z1 score.
While this isn't ideal/perfect, the Z1 Score has been shown to work well across baskets of stocks and is highly correlated with the Z2.