Screens Passed

One of the key ways in which Stockopedia cuts your research time is by doing a huge amount of screening in the background for you. We have researched and compiled 65 model GuruScreens from the classic publications on stock selection, just some of which include:

  1. Bargain/Value strategies suggested by the likes of Benjamin Graham, John Templeton and David Dreman.
  2. Quality/Value strategies from Warren Buffett and Joel Greenblatt.
  3. Momentum/Growth strategies from Jim Slater, Bill O'Neill and Peter Lynch.

All of these stock screens are available from the top down GuruScreens screening portal but also from the bottom up on StockReports. Instantly you can see whether a stock in question may qualify for the kinds of strategies that professional investors target.

If a stock is not qualifying for one of these strategies this widget will be empty, but if it does you’ll see a count published of the number of strategies it qualifies for and arrows to navigate between them from left to right. Each strategy has a link through to view the whole list, and a link to view the ‘checklist’ for this strategy, where you can see all the rules it passes and the datapoint for each metric in the list.

If a stock qualifies for a short strategy a number will be published in pink. This is a negative sign on any stock and may be taken as a warning.