Data Timeliness

Whenever a company reports results, Thomson Reuters (our data provider), aim to update their financial statements database the same day or soon after. We import the changed financial statements and estimates data from their database on an intraday basis, but compute our fundamentals after the close. Generally our own StockReports are updated within 48-96 hours of a company reporting.

Do note that during busy results periods larger companies are prioritised so smaller companies tend to take another few days (or sometimes even longer) to have their fundamentals updated.

Thomson Reuters prioritise their coverage into 3 distinct 'buckets' based on market cap, index family and broker coverage.

  • Special Focus Companies are prioritised first which constitute approximately 10,500 companies out of the 50k+ universe.
  • Investment Universe which includes most mid and small caps.
  • Fundamentals Universewhich includes smaller caps above an $8m market cap.

For large, international companies, Reuters normally update the results the same day or the next two days following, and then we update our systems overnight, so we typically get them T + 2 or T+ 3, as it were. They do this in descending order of market capitalisation. Sometimes it takes another couple of days for smaller stocks, depending on how many filings there are in a given day/period.

Checking the timeliness of a StockReport

To check the status of a given stock report, it's worth checking the Latest Available Interim / Annual figures in the Profile Information block on the stock report.

If you notice that a stock has not been updated, let us know via the Green Support Messenger and we will get this resolved quickly.

Checking the batch dates on the Stockopedia Site

In the Stockopedia website footer, there is a ‘timeliness’ stamp that shows the date of the latest fundamentals data batch we are currently publishing for each region.

If the stamp is showing, for example, May 3rd, then that means that our pages are using the data that was available on the close of the trading day before that. In this case, that would mean the data from May 2nd. Therefore, all of our ratios will be derived using that data with the exception of portfolio and trading data, which is always delayed by 15 minutes.