Why is the PEG ratio in my Stock Screen different to the PEG ratio on the Stock Report?

There are several forms of the PEG ratio because different investors prefer different formulations.

The PEG used by popular UK investor Jim Slater, is a unique PEG ratio that is formed by dividing the forecast PE Ratio by the forecast EPS Growth rate. It is sometimes criticised as it double counts the earnings growth twice, creating a smaller PEG ratio than the traditional calculation.

The PEG ratio on the top right of the Stock Report uses the traditional definition of the PEG which is more generally accepted than Slater's PEG. We use there a 'rolling' current PE Ratio that weights the historic and forecast earnings per share, and a 1 year rolling forecast growth rate.

However, in the Financial summary, there is also a Historic PEG which uses last year's earnings and then the forecast (non-rolling) growth rate.

You can read more about the PEG Ratio here.