Our Screening & Ranking Universe

We currently restrict the list of screenable and rankable shares according to a strict set of rules. These rules ensure that screening & ranking results are not polluted by companies that may have out of date, inappropriate or partial data.

StockReports will identify why a company is not in the ranking universe. The following bullets provide a bit more information on the messages seen.

  1. Unavailable Financial Statements - we cannot locate financial statements for this company.
  2. Not Currently Filing Statements - the company has indicated that it is not actively filing financial statements.
  3. Stale Annual Statements - there are no annual statements for this company within the last 3 years.
  4. Stale Interim Statements - there are no interim statements for this company within the last 17 months.
  5. Missing Market Cap - we cannot calculate a market capitalisation for this company due to either missing quotes or shares in issue.
  6. Stale Price Histories - we cannot locate price history for the company within the last 90 days.
  7. Is an Investment Trust - investment trusts are currently excluded.
  8. Is Suspended from Trading - the company is suspended from the stock exchange and may not return.
  9. Is Manually Excluded - the company is manually excluded from ranking for a reason unique to the company.