Events Calendar

We organise recent and upcoming corporate events into an online calendar, which is available towards the bottom of every company's StockReport as well as in the Folios Events tab.

We cover corporate events for 19,000 companies across over US, UK and EU indices, plus multiple event types including:

  • Stock Splits
  • Earnings/sales releases
  • Analyst meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Corporate conference calls
  • M&A Announcements

We aim to keep this calendar as complete and timely as possible. Our data suppliers, Thomson Reuters, can provide RNS data for forward looking events between 3 and 6 months prior to the event date.

Only events with confirmed dates are displayed. We do not display events where the date has only been estimated.

Reuters actively cover over 10,000 major companies globally. In particular, they cover companies that either have:

  • More than $1 billion in terms of revenues
  • More than five brokers actively covering the company; or
  • Are part of a major global index (e.g. the FTSE 100).

In addition, they maintain limited coverage of another 8,000 companies which do not meet these criteria but this will be more ad hoc, rather than comprehensive.

Given this coverage, if you feel that an important corporate event has not been included, do let us know via the Green Support Messenger and we'll let Thomson Reuters know.