We provide delayed intraday quotes on most stock exchanges we cover at Stockopedia. Real time pricing is the most requested feature on our suggestion forums. We do intend to move towards real time quotes in the future. If this is important to you please do vote on the feature in our suggestion forum.

Because of our batch computation process, it is worth noting that all of our fundamentals are calculated according to the previous night's closing price and the previous night's fundamental update from Thomson Reuters.

Therefore, if a company has fallen significantly in a day, our valuation ratios will still relate to the previous close price. This is an unavoidable part of the batch computation process and is fairly common throughout the industry. In the future, as we move towards real time computation we may be able to provide real time fundamentals based on intraday quotes.

Auctions & Closing Prices

At the market close every day, the exchange will have an auction period, starting generally 5 minutes before the close, in order to determine the closing prices for all securities.

The process is generally finished promptly at half past and the final price is calculated and disseminated by the exchange within 5 minutes of that. As our prices are received on a delayed basis through Thomson Reuters we will then make available the closing price around 15 minutes after the price has been disseminated.

So, for example, in the UK where markets close at 16:30, this means that closing prices will generally be available on Stockopedia by around 16:50.