The Technical Guide

The final section of the Stockopedia Guide provides a detailed look into our coverage, data and processes. The more technically minded deserve an in depth understanding of how we gather our raw data and how we calculate all our statistics. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our core data or processes, or any of our documentation please do get in touch using the Green Support Messenger.

Please do dig into our resources on our:

  • Regional Coverage
  • Instrument Coverage
  • Sector Classification
  • Our Data Process
  • Quotes, Price Histories, Fundamentals and Estimates

About our Data

We source our data from Thomson Reuters, the very best global fundamentals database in the investment business. Before then displaying any data on our site, we pass it through our proprietary data integrity checks to make sure the data is as good as it can be before it is released.

If you do disagree with any of our data, please let us know via the Green Support Button and we'll look into it. We try to be extremely responsive on all support queries and are in direct communication with Thomson Reuters every day to resolve any raw data issues quickly.


Whether you want to analyse stocks in your home market or want to look further afield at securities on global exchanges we can help. We cover tens of thousands of securities in dozens of exchanges and countries, providing everything you need from original and proprietary financial data to news and portfolio management tools.


Thomson Reuters, our data provider, has multiple data collection centers which work around the clock to upload the latest financial information for almost every listed company on the planet. In addition to this they provide frequent intra-day broker forecast updates to supplement raw financial data. All of this comes together to allow us a daily import of the latest data possible to populate our StockReports and screener.


Information becomes truly useful when analysis can be performed consistently from company to company and period to period. To facilitate this, Thomson Reuters have strictly applied consistent standardisation methodologies to all of their financial data. This enables you to reliably track and compare performance over time and across companies.