Billing Periods

We provide 4 different billing period options for subscribers.

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Biennially (every 2 years)
  • Triennially (ever 3 years).

These are all detailed on the the Plans page. The most flexible plan is the Monthly service. However you'll receive significant savings if you pay for the service every one, two or three years.

Longer dated subscriptions do help us to invest more quickly in developing Stockopedia's services hence we strongly encourage them. Our Triennial plans (i.e. 3 years paid in advance) are up to half the price of the Monthly plans.

The screenshot below shows illustrative level of discounts achievable for the UK Edition, versus the Monthly Plan. Similar levels of discount are available for the other Editions - see the Plans Page for more details.

Please note that, given these substantial discounts for longer commitments, we can't offer refunds on these longer dated plans if you do decide you wish to downgrade back to a shorter billing period. If you want the flexibility to cancel during the year, please choose the Monthly plan.

Changing your billing period

You can change your billing period at any time to take advantage of our subscription discounts for longer billing periods at any time.

Please note that changes will occur as follows:

  • Extending your billing period (e.g. from monthly to annual) will take effect immediately.
  • Shortening your billing period (e.g. annual to monthly) will take effect at the end of the current billing period.

Extensions (e.g. monthly to annual):

If you extend your billing frequency from monthly to annual we provide substantial savings - please see the current pricing plans page for exact details. The upgrade will happen immediately. You will be credited proportionally for the period of your current subscription that you haven't used and charged the balance for the longer plan in advance. Your renewal date is reset to today. We provide a preview invoice on the plans page so you can check before committing.

Shortening (e.g. annual to monthly):

If you shorten your billing period within the 14 day trial period (i.e. you haven't made any payment yet) we'll change the billing frequency and bill as if you had signed up for the monthly subscription. If you have completed your 14 day trial and you choose to go from annual to monthly (i.e. you've already made your annual payment) we unfortunately won't be able to refund any portion of the annual fee as we provide significant discounts for longer plans. The monthly fee will start when your next billing period starts - i.e. after your full subscription year has completed.