Invoices & Sales Tax

If you wish to access invoices or receipts please take the following steps.

In the navigation menu, click on the “You” dropdown on the top right of the page and then choose “Billing & Subscription” from that dropdown, it will take you to a Billing Page.

From there, if you then click on Edit My Account, it will take you through to our Payment Provider's mini-site (click here to go there directly). As it is a separate site for security reasons, you may need to enter your email address there in order to receive a separate password.

From there, any invoices / receipts can be downloaded as PDFs.

VAT / Sales Tax

We our prices are quoted inclusive of sales tax in every region. Different regions in Europe have different sales tax levels but at this stage we do not distinguish between them in the quoted price.

In the UK our prices include UK VAT at 20%. In line with HMRC guidance, we include our VAT number on the invoice but we don't break out VAT separately on invoices of less than £250.

If however your subscription is above that level, please raise a ticket and we'll issue a separate invoice manually.