Refund Policy

We are very dedicated to customer satisfaction and spend much of the day dealing with customer requests for new features, data issues, product expansion and so on. As a small growing company, we have chosen to take the same approach to billing that all modern 'Software as a Service' websites do which is to provide an extensive 14 day no risk free trial after which we bill with a no refund policy.

We provide a variety of subscription options for those who wish to commit to shorter or longer time periods - from monthly to triennial periods. Given we provide deep discounting for longer commitments providing pro-rata refunds midway through a billing period would be unfair on those subscribers on shorter billing periods who have paid a premium for the same subscription period.

We are also billed in advance by our data providers (Thomson Reuters) on a per-subscriber basis and have considerable costs associated with each subscription.

For both these reasons we cannot provide refunds so please maintain and manage your subscription carefully.

If you do want flexibility to cancel from month to month, we recommend you take out a Monthly plan rather than committing for longer time periods.

We try to be 100% transparent about our refund policy. As a small business it is incredibly difficult to plan for the future if customers expect refunds for services already provided.

Please do also refer to the terms of use: