Changing an email or password

Similar to a password reset, you can update your email address at any time from the Account Settings page (see screenshot below). This is available from the Header menu (far right dropdown).

Changing your Username

At present, there is no way for you to change your username once chosen, as it's a unique identifier in our database. In your profile settings, you can only choose whether or not to display your real name on your profile.

However, we can do this change for you manually. If you would like to do this, please raise a ticket using the Help & Support button. Please let us know what you'd like to change it from and to.

You can change your password using the instructions here and your contact email address here.

Changing your Password

If you are logged outand need to reset your password, you can do that here:

Alternatively, if you are logged in and want to change your password, you should click on the "Account Settings" tab of your Profile (this can be accessed by clicking from the "You" part of the main Header drop-down at the top of the page). That path will take you to the following password reset form (this is just a screenshot, though).

Are you activated?

If a password reset doesn't work, you might not be activated. Check for an activation email from us when you registered and click the link. If all else fails, you can raise a support ticket via the Green Support Messenger asking for a password reset or manual activation. If possible, please specify your username so we can find you more easily.