How do I apply a coupon?

We have occasionally in the past marketed the Stockopedia service using discounted promotional coupons. These coupons have only been available as an introductory rate for first time subscribers. They are unavailable to current subscribers.

If you are a subscriber and wish to receive a reduced rate please do extend your billing period - triennial subscriptions are half the price of monthly subscriptions !

Applying a coupon

If you do have a coupon and wish to take a trial and apply it, you need to go the Pricing Plans page ( and choose the relevant package (i.e. UK Annual or EU Annual).

This will take you through to the payment form, and at the top, there's a field called "Coupon Code".

If you enter the coupon code there and click into the next field, it should be applied. If it does not show up, it may have expired or there may be an issue - if so, please contact our Support Desk via the Green Support Messenger or the Contact Us link and we will investigate.

(Due to a quirk of our payment provider's system, the balance may show as zero or negative post the discount because of the two week free trial but this is not a problem).

If you are upgrading rather than subscribing anew, it will not be possible to enter the coupon code. In that case, you should contact the Support Desk and we will assist you.