Why pay for data when some sites are free?

There is a saying that "if you aren't paying, then you are the product"! The managers of free data websites have to ensure their staff get paid somehow and they do this by selling the eyeballs on their site to advertisers. As a result, their incentives are skewed away from the user experience and the quality of the data towards building channels for advertisers and increasing click rates.

When we signed up for free data websites, we found that we were the target of spam email, irritating banners and inappropriate product offers for things like dodgy Eastern European property schemes promising absurd 50% annualised returns. Invariably, and as a result of the above, the data on free websites is neglected, becoming poor quality, unreliable and certainly not the calibre you'd expect when making investment decisions!

We decided to do something different and provide a service that puts the customer and user experience first. 100% no spam emails, no taking advantage of our users - just the smartest investment data service on the Web.

The quality of our data is essential to our business model as we aim to create profitable investment signals for our subscribers - you can learn more about how seriously we take data at this link.

Our data quality is well known and has been praised by the FT amongst other publications - as a result our subscriber base includes many professional wealth managers, private client brokers and serious high net worth individuals!

Stockopedia.com gives you tools and features on par with professional subscription services that cost thousands of pounds per month. We aim to level the playing field and make professional-like investing tools accessible to everyone. By supporting us, you help us invest in making the site and tools even more awesome!