Conferences & Seminars

One of the best ways to get to know the team is to join us at seminars or exhibitions. We exhibit at many of the major conferences in the United Kingdom. CEO and Co-founder, Ed Page Croft, is a regular keynote speaker at many of the major events where he specialises in debunking market mythology and the power of rule based investing. Small Cap Editor Paul Scott is another main stage speaker with his laser sharp focus on value investing.

Some of the key major London based shows where we have exhibited and may do again include:

  • April - The UK Investor Show

  • May - Master Investor

  • September - The Stock Market Show

  • October - The London Investor Show

  • November - The World Money Show We often exhibit at smaller seminars - in particular with:

  • ShareSoc - the UK Shareholder’s Society -

  • Mello Events - the excellent private investor network run by David Stredder.

  • CFA Institute - at VISIG events.

Booking Speakers

If you want to book any of our staff - including Ed or Paul - for speaking please do get in touch using the Green Support Messenger on the site.