How do I take a screenshot?

If you're experiencing an issue, it's often very helpful if you can send our support team a screenshot as an attachment to the support request, so we can diagnose what's going wrong.

Below we list some resources to help you create and send the screenshot on your computer. If you need additional assistance, you can refer to the help files or support website for the operating system you're using.


Once you've brought up the item you want to screenshot, follow the steps in this Microsoft support article to take a screen shot and capture an exact image of what's on the screen.


In Mac OS X, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut to capture a image of what's on your screen. Follow the steps in this Mac OS X support article to create your screenshot.

Next Steps

After you've saved the image to your computer, you can attach the saved screenshot (most likely a Jpeg or PNG file) using your email client just as you would any other image. Or, alternatively, a good service to help with image sharing is