Technical Requirements is a web-based application. We supply our software as a service through a standard web browser - a superior model for software delivery. That means you can check your Folios, StockReports and Screens 24/7 from any location and on any device. It means that we can update the software online without pesky desktop software downloads - and it means there are no dreaded CD-ROMs.

Stockopedia is compatible on both PCs and Macs. Our recommended browser is Google Chrome, which we think is the best browser available (it's free to download and use). We also support Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Firefox 3 and higher, and Safari 4+.

The application works well in some earlier versions of those browsers but we can't promise support in all cases. In particular, we are not generally supporting Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7 as these are clunky browsers that are not designed for the modern Web. If you have these browsers, you can very easily upgrade to a better browser. When you do, you will have a much nicer experience not just on our site but across the Web.

You can download Google Chrome for free here or, if you prefer to use Microsoft products, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer here. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade.

We recommend a computer with at least 2GB RAM for the best performance.